Pre-camp in KAGOSHIMA from September 7th, 2019 Calling for Supporters of Springboks!


Whats Kagoshima

The Only City You Can See The
	Springboks Practicing in Japan

Kagoshima has been elected as the site of pre-camping of the Rugby Event 2019 for the "Springboks" and is the only city where you can take photos of the players, see their public practice sessions and participate in a handshake event in Japan! The Springboks will start pre-camping in Kagoshima from September 7 (Saturday) after a test match with Japanese national team on September 6 (Friday). In here, we introduce all the attractions in Kagoshima including the accommodation where the South African national team will stay (you can actually stay there during their stay). Check this out and find hints to enjoy Rugby Event 2019 more.

Duration of Pre-Camping:
September 7 (Sat) - 12 (Thu)
Hotel:Kagoshima Sun Royal Hotel

What You Can Enjoy

The UNESCO World Heritage Site, Yakushima Island is located in Kagoshima and it was ranked as one of the popular tourist spots in Japan. When you hike up to the 3000-years-old ancient Jomon cedar, you can find unspoiled magnificent nature.

Kagoshima is Japan’s best WAGYU cattle producing place and is known for the "Kagoshima black cattle" which won the first place in the WAGYU Beef Contest. The Kagoshima black cattle have been evolved over the years and are characterized by tender flesh and great flavor of fat. In addition, Kagoshima black pig is also famous here. It is brought up in a good climate in Kagoshima with a long history. This pork has a stronger meat flavor and more tender flesh than normal pork and commonly used for shabu-shabu (thin slices of pork parboiled in hot soup). Please enjoy Japanese foods made of local ingredients in Kagoshima!